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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Guest Post by Shelly Flaherty

Men’s Shoes for Every Occasion

Most of the ladies out there will have a pair of shoes for every occasion; they will have about five pairs of shoes for work, 10 for going out and another 20 for casual occasions. This may be slightly stereotypical; however, it is much less likely that a man will have a large selection of shoes in their wardrobe. Why shouldn’t men have multiple pairs of shoes to cover any event? If you are a man wondering what shoes you should be considering, then take a look at some listed below!

  • Countryside and Walking
If you are a country man who loves those long walks with the dog no matter what the weather is like, then Dubarry Boots are perfect for you. Not only are they warm and comfortable, they are also waterproof, so you can go out in any weather. Dubarry Boots are also great for a number of other outdoor activities, including horse riding, fishing and sailing!

  • Formal and Going Out
If you are more of a formal and social kinda guy, then you will want some fairly posh, going out shoes. Why not take a look at some Jeffery-West’s? They are formal and good-looking, so you can’t really go wrong. Even some of the big stars, like Russell Brand, Noel Fielding and Phillip Schofield wear them!

  • Running and Exercise
Are your the type of guy who likes to keep fit? If so, then a lovely pair of running shoes will do just fine. Now, these are different to any other running shoe you may have seen, but the Vibram FiveFingers shoe is very lightweight and comfortable; they give you the ‘barefoot’ feeling. It may be different to a regular running shoe, but it is sure worth a try.

  • Casual
If you prefer the more casual look, then maybe consider either some Hey Dude shoes or some Trickers. The Hey Dude shoes are fairly lightweight and they could potentially be the most comfortable shoe you own! However, the Trickers have been designed especially for casual use, so go for whatever you prefer.
Remember, it’s not just women who can have shoes for every occasion, you can too! Choose some shoes to match your style, whether that is casual, formal or sporty, and make some room in your wardrobe for your new selection of shoes. If you buy quality shoes now, then you will not have to buy again for a while.

About the Author: Shelly loves anything fashion related and enjoys sharing her knowledge and tips with others. During her spare time, she loves to just relax at home and can be found writing for the Plum Soles blog.

Guest Post by Brooke Samsonite

Liven Up Your Winter Wardrobe With Fantastic Colors

Are you interested in finding some outfits for yourself that will allow your look to really pop? In the current dreary climate it makes sense to want to stand out against a bland landscape and a wardrobe dominated by grays and blacks, but you want to do it right. Here are some great colors to add to your wardrobe to help you avoid the winter blues.


The latest fashion trends have this deep red color showing up everywhere. It's dark enough to fit in with the rest of the winter color pallet but still helps to add some character to your outfit choices. Consider adding a rich burgundy sweater to your wardrobe; it will make a beautiful outfit choice to go with jeans, black pants or skirts, so you can be sure you'll get plenty of wear out of this new item.

Burnt Orange

Initially, you might think twice about this color--after all Halloween's over. However, a few carefully chosen pieces can help add some true flair into your wardrobe. For example, a well-cut long-sleeved dress can look fantastic with a pair of black boots. Otherwise you might also want to consider a coat in this color. It will definitely help you stand out, and the right piece can also help you look completely on top of the latest fashion trends.

Dark Yellow

Along the same lines as orange, many budding fashionistas might hesitate at the thought as yellow isn't a color traditionally associated with winter. However, selecting the darker, mustard version can help you blend the traditional with the unique. This color can look great as a scarf draped around your neck, as a dress or even as a sweater. When paired with black it will actually look quite classy.

Dark Rose

Rose is a color that is frequently overlooked for winter because pink is so strongly associated with spring. Fortunately, the darker shades of this beautiful color have been strong across the fashion world this season. Rose can look great as a sweater, scarf or any other accent piece. It's a great color for boosting moods; who can feel sad while wearing pink?

Dark Blue

This stunning color is a great addition just about anywhere in your wardrobe. It will look fantastic as a skirt, sweater, hat, mittens, scarf or even jewelry. It's a perfect accent to the traditional grays and blacks associated with winter and can help liven up any outfit.


Although not strictly a color, leather has had a strong opening for the fall and winter seasons this year. In real or faux form, this material would be a great accent addition to your wardrobe as well, especially as an accent. Think about getting started with items such as your handbag or shoes!
Adding color to your wardrobe is an easy way to help raise your spirits and those of people around you. Winter was once associated with only dark, boring colors and shapeless outfits. Now we know this does not have to be the case. Get started adding some of these colors today!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quotes of the Day!

Guest Post: Choosing an Outfit for a Night Out with Friends

Choosing an Outfit for a Night Out with Friends
by Brooke S.

Venturing out with friends is a wonderful way to spend an evening. This is an opportunity to relax, unwind, and enjoy the company of those closest to you. When you venture out of the house, however, it's only natural that you want to dress for the meal. It's always uncomfortable to show up at a formal restaurant in jeans or be dressed formally at a casual sports bar. Here are some great outfits to consider when your friends suggest you all get together for a meal.


Jeans are always a great way to start a casual dinner outfit, as they can be worn with just about anything from a sweatshirt to a more formal shirt. Since restaurants often range from drafty (when you're seated under a vent) to hot (when you're stuck at a table close to the kitchen), it's always a good idea to pair a cute top with some kind of sweater or jacket that can be removed if needed. Blue, red and olive green are definitely big this year and would look great in sweater form. You can pair these shades with a casual shirt or tank top in a solid accent color. Boots are also very in right now and would be a great way to complete the ensemble. Add a cute handbag in a neutral color like brown or gray, and you're all set!

Business casual

Business casual is great if you're going out with your colleagues, meeting clients or just going to grab a bite to eat at a place slightly more upscale than your usual sports bar. You can start with either dress pants or a skirt or dress. We love skirts and dresses because they offer so many opportunities to show personality! Consider starting with a fun and classy knee-length number. To make the outfit unique, look for a scarf or wrap to wind around your neck to add some color and style to your outfit. Complete the look with dressy flats or low heels and you'll be good to go.

More formal

There are many times when you might find yourself heading out for a dinner with friends at a classier restaurant. One of the easiest, go to outfits for women is definitely a dress. Unless you're going to a formal nighttime event, you'll probably do well with a cocktail dress or knee-length dress. Black is always a solid bet, although red and olive shades are also in style this year. It's probably best to wear heels with the outfit, but make sure they aren't so high that they'll make you trip! Earrings are fantastic accessories, and something like diamond studs or small hoops are always a good choice. A necklace to accent your dress should complete the outfit.

Going out to dinner with friends is a great way to unwind and have some laughs after a long week behind the desk. Whether you are going to a restaurant that is casual, nice or formal, these ideas above should help you begin to plan your outfit so you always look fabulous.